“I felt an urgent need to reduce the intake of medications”

Zoila Luz Del Mar (Peru)

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Since then, my family and I have had to endure its consequences. I could not control my head movement and speak normally. Besides, I choked on food… My family was very worried, seeing me depressed and indifferent.

Through the Internet my eldest son found alternative treatment with the help of permanent needles without the risk of serious consequences. We decided to try it.
After implantation, my condition improved. It is hard to believe, but even my face has changed. Before that, I did not recognize myself in the mirror, and after the beginning of treatment I began to look like before again. I even took a photo to compare myself with the previous look. My speech also improved.

I felt so much better that I could reduce the dosage of medications: first by half and then by another quarter.

I have a feeling that all the side effects (for example, uncontrolled movements and especially involuntary head movement from left to right) were caused precisely by the intake of a large number of medications. All this ceased after implanting the permanent needles, and I significantly reduced the amount of medications.

My friends asked, “What happened to you? You look very nice, and you have changed”. Everyone was glad to see me happy.

“My father is showing considerable progress within a week after therapy”

Denis Gyalistras (Germany)

Nine years ago, my 84-year-old father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite medical treatment with a plaster, the disease went to a serious stage. Physically he was in excellent condition. But not mentally… He was absent, his long-term memory worsened, and short-term memory had not worked for a long time. He understood everything, but it was hard for him to express his thoughts because of a lack of words. He was aware of this and helplessness oppressed him…

More than a year ago, I saw an interview with Dr. Ulrich Werth about his method of treatment with permanent acupuncture on Youtube. We called Dr. Werth and were already in Valencia in a couple of days.

Permanent needles were implanted in both ears of my father. When he left the therapy room in about 20 minutes, I was a bit confused because I saw how my father’s eyes had changed – they became alive and perceptive. This observation was confirmed during this and the next day.

24 hours after the therapy, he was tested for Alzheimer’s disease and scored 6 points out of 10. He was even able to draw a clock with its hand.

My mother and I began to observe all the changes in my father. We saw new changes every hour. As a result, we can describe the following:

1) Memory. We are happy to observe that the emptiness, which is caused by Alzheimer’s disease, is gradually receding. His cognitive abilities, motor skills, and sense of orientation are returning gradually. He can think, communicate with his loved ones, and report his needs again. Daily progress is evident.

2) Perception and orientation. My father began to take an interest in everything that happened to him and his family a couple of hours after the therapy. On the third and fourth days, he woke up and was no longer disoriented.

3) Emotional expression. It seems that the ability to express his intentions and desires returned to my father along with perception. On the second day, he told us that he did not want to go along the beach in order for the sand to not get inside his shoes. He began to express his natural needs, such as drinking or sleeping. Next day he told my mother that he was bored. She offered him some tasks in the kitchen and he coped with them well.

4) Speech. After the therapy, strolling through the old city in Valencia, my father looked at a high building and uttered a complete sentence, having said that the building seemed beautiful to him. His pronunciation was clear and voice was steady. Two days later, he spoke in complete and correctly constructed sentences.

Walking in the street, my mom asked my dad something in French, and he answered her in French too. The switch from German to Greek and vice versa also passed without problems.

5) Numbers. We asked my dad to count. He easily counted from 1 to 50. Addition of small numbers was not so difficult for him too. Despite some problems with subtraction, we were sure he would cope with it soon.

A little less than seven days later, I noticed that the initially acquired and then forgotten abilities began to return to my dad. Small numbers are remembered first because a person starts working with them first, and addition goes before subtraction.

In general, my father is showing considerable progress within a week after the therapy. Every day he surprises us with new discoveries – something new, which, as it seemed to us, he had already forgotten forever.

Our family is infinitely grateful to Dr. Ulrich Werth. Even if the effect had been half less than my father has obtained, his quality of life would have improved much anyway. He has left the zone of oblivion.

Munich, 03/01/2018

“Parkinson’s disease deprived me of the ability to tell stories”

Jose Anibal, 65 years old (Spain)

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Earlier I had already resorted to acupuncture for the treatment of some diseases, so I decided to try Dr. Werth therapy without fear.

During usual acupuncture, the process of improvement stopped and the old symptoms returned again after the extraction of needles. On the Internet I found out about the new therapy, thanks to which the stimulation of the body is permanent, and decided to try it myself.

In 2009, I underwent the therapy and my condition began to improve almost immediately. On the way from the clinic, I went down the stairs and suddenly felt how my steps became more confident and voice changed. When I called my wife, she was amazed at the strength of my voice too.

The constant fatigue and unpleasant dryness in my mouth I had previously suffered from disappeared. I was able to play the saxophone again and engage in creativity.

And most importantly: I can tell stories again! I even created a blog to share my experience with other patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It is very important to exchange experiences. It can help other people.

I am very pleased with the results of the therapy and strongly recommend it to other patients.

“My pains disappeared as if by magic”

Francisco, 55 years old (Colombia)

I learned about the treatment of Parkinson’s disease with the help of acupuncture implants on the Internet more than five years ago. I was very skeptical about any acupuncture but decided to try this therapy myself after many years of suffering.

My neurologist was not a supporter of alternative medicine, but he respected my decision because there was a chance to improve my quality of life.

Soon after the implantation of the permanent needles, pains in the arm and leg disappeared as if by magic. Over time, the general state of my health has stabilized, which I have observed so far.

“I am like a new woman, full of inspiration and energy”

Ingeborg, 84 years old (Germany)

Ten years ago, I familiarized myself with permanent acupuncture. Since then, I have experienced a second youth.

I suffered from severe pain in my joints and tried everything that was recommended to me by specialists: massages, injections… But nothing helped me to relieve the pain. Moreover, my suffering intensified because of the medications.

One day I heard an interview on the radio, in which researcher Ulrich Werth told about the results of therapy with the permanent needles, and I decided that I finally found a solution to my problem.

Without hesitation, I visited Dr. Werth center and the result surpassed all my expectations. In less than an hour, I began to notice significant improvements.

Thanks to the permanent needles, I became a new woman, full of inspiration and energy, able to enjoy all the miracles that life gives us.

“Testimonials of cured patients seemed somehow miraculous”

Maria Guadalupe, 69 years old (Mexico)

In 2006, I was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease. In 2010, I learned about Dr. Werth therapy.

My husband saw his patients’ testimonials on the Internet. Thanks to the permanent needles, they were able to talk and even run again. However, it seemed somehow magical that those people could get rid of tremors. Despite my doubts, I tried to get treatment according to a new technique and soon made sure that all the testimonials were true.

Thanks to the permanent needles, I regained my former activity, lost out of my disease. I no longer need care, help, or supervision. I can live without help normally. I especially appreciate the opportunity to travel again.

“I feel improvement in my general condition and great progress in running”

Gladys, 73 years old (Spain)

I was born a runner. I was a military correspondent, and my whole life was connected with great challenges, both professional and personal ones. Today I accept a new challenge, connected with my hope for the permanent needles.

Two years ago, I was afraid of fraud and found a doctor. He prescribed me treatment that did not help me to ease my ailment.

My turbulent nature and irrepressible initiative led me to conducting my own investigation. Soon I suspected that I was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The specialists I addressed to could not clearly explain whether my previous diseases could lead to such a serious one and prescribed me more and more powerful medicines that only increased my suffering.

Thanks to a newspaper article, which my friend showed me one day, I learned how the permanent needles invented by Dr. Werth work, and I decided to visit his center.

I started treatment. Soon both the doctors, who had treated me before and expected results, and I was convinced that everything described in the newspaper article was true. The first positive results were achieved soon: after the implantation of the permanent needles, I felt an improvement in my general condition. First of all, there was considerable progress in running.

I need further help, but my body has become much more stable. Earlier the general condition of my health required a constant increase in the dose of medications, but now I send some of them back or do not always take them.

“Now I feel much better than before”

Ernesto, 82 years old (Colombia)

My condition was very bad: I had big problems with motor skills when I ate, wrote, signed documents… I could not do even simple things myself – for example, go for a walk. I talked very quietly and disconnectedly. People hardly understood me.

I tried many medications prescribed by neurologists, but I was looking for an alternative to them. I decided to try acupuncture. As a result of such therapy, I regained mobility and control over my hands and feet. Now I can peel an apple and walk myself again.

Improvement occurred soon after the implantation of the permanent needles. My speech improved noticeably. Moreover, headaches and hip pain I suffered from reduced. So I said goodbye to medication therapy.

“Within half a year after acupuncture much has changed for the better in my body”

Sabin, 43 years old

In September 2017, my father and I visited Dr. Werth clinic. My dad suffered from Parkinson’s disease. When I learned more about Dr. Werth therapy, I also addressed him for help.

I had a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Firstly, I have suffered from panic attacks since 2013. I could not go anywhere alone without taking a large dose of antidepressants the day before. I had to quit my job because of this.

Secondly, I had spinal disc problems, which got worse from time to time. Finally, I had severe uterine bleeding and needed immediate surgery two years ago.
After the therapy, I was able to give up on antidepressants immediately. Since then, I have never experienced significant panic attacks – at first, they were still appearing but were not strong, and I could manage them myself.

Six months later, panic attacks did not matter much to me. Now I cope with everything myself and do not hide from anything. My spinal discs do not bother me anymore. Thanks to the permanent needles, my uterus recovered – a regular and painless menstrual cycle was restored. So I avoided surgery.

In general, much has changed for the better during the half a year after the implantation of the permanent needles. Even hemorrhoids went away. I also said good-bye to a ringing in my ears. My blood pressure became normal, although it was high for many years. Now my hand joints almost do not hurt me. Even my seasonal pollinosis disappeared!

“I had Alzheimer’s disease”

Peter Kaess, 75 years old (Switzerland)

In 2014, I did magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and my family doctor confirmed my diagnosis: I had Alzheimer’s disease. This result did not surprise me, since the symptoms of the disease have been increasing for several years in a row. I was 72 years old. It was not a big shock for me and my wife because the doctor’s written opinion confirmed the conjectures that had been previously discussed in my family circle.

But life went on, and we did not want to abandon our plan – to spend the rest of life in Mexico, the land of our dreams. However, I had to say goodbye to the intention of acquiring a house in Mexico. Within two years, my spiritual and body condition has radically deteriorated. It was not burdensome for me because I felt no pain, but it was torture for my wife. I became glum, was not capable of anything, and was not interested in anything. I began to notice how my Spanish language and culinary skills dissolved in the air from day to day as if a mountain fell on me. My vocabulary was reduced to “Good morning” and “Good night”. During cooking, I also forgot to add vinegar or butter to the salad.

But then came the day when everything had to change. My wife and I watched the movie on the Internet, which was called “Alzheimer’s Disease”. In his interview with Michael Vogt, Dr. Ulrich Werth talked about his invention of permanent needles and his sensational success in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. What we saw and heard was like magic. On the one hand, I was a real skeptic, but on the other hand, I did not lose anything. My wife said, “I immediately book a plane ticket to Valencia”. No sooner said than done! A few days later, we landed in Valencia and I visited Dr. Werth Center for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine.

You may ask, “What were the results of your treatment?” Frankly speaking, they were sensational! My wife and I could hardly believe it. Just imagine: I became a new person in the evening after the implantation of the permanent needles. I knew who I was and where I was again. Strange symptoms and fatigue disappeared. I noticed the difference between past and present quite distinctly. Earlier, elementary questions about the date, day of the week or year made me jerk nervously or I squeezed a ridiculous smile. Now I feel time and adequately assess any situation. I make my own decisions. My articulation became good again. Finally, I can concentrate on everything I want, read books, and do not forget to put vinegar or butter in my salad.

Today, two months after, we are going to fly to Mexico. We are infinitely grateful to Dr. Werth, who works miracles. Unfortunately, it is impossible to list all those positive changes that have occurred in my body in the context of this short letter. All hopes, predictions, and promises were fully realized! We are completely pleased with the success achieved and look forward to further progress with great interest.